Information on Slovakia

Let us kindly thank you for your registration to the 4th Meeting of Middle – European Societes for Immunology and Allergology (MESIA 2019) which will be held in Šamorín, Slovakia. We would like to provide you with few information which you may find helpful during your stay.


Slovakia is a country which is situated in the heart of Europe. Its population is cca 5,397,036 inhabitants. The capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava. Slovakia boarders with Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Ukraine.


The Slovak climate lies between the temperate and continental climate zones with relatively warm summers and cold, cloudy and humid winters. As for winters, they may be (in the mountain areas) unforgiving, but usually do not bring massive snowfall or extremely low temperatures. Get ready for both rain and snow though. Some years tend to be freezing, but those that are not usually bring plenty of snowfall/rainfall mixture in lowlands and this may be very uncomfortable for both pedestrians and drivers. Average temperatures keep jumping between -5° C and -10° C or lower.


You do not need any special vaccination when visiting Slovakia.

ID and passport
Always have your passport or ID with you. In Slovakia, you usually have to identify yourself with an ID card or passport when checking into a hotel.


Slovakia’s basic currency unit is the euro (€). When changing money, look for signs saying „change“, and stay clear of strangers offering to exchange money on the street. You can get cash from international accounts at an automatic teller machine (ATM), usually marked Bankomat. Traveller’s cheques can be cashed at most banks and some exchange offices. Credit cards are accepted. We advise you to come with some cash just in case of need.

Mobile operators

The biggest mobile operators in Slovakia are Orange Slovensko, Slovak Telekom, 4ka, O2, each with many branches around the country. To place an international call, dial 00, the country code, city code and number. General phone numbers are: Information 118, General emergency 112, Police 158, Ambulance 155, Fire 150, Emergency road service 18124, Emergency highway service 0800 100-007.


You can call a taxi (many taxi firms have English-speaking staff) or use HOPIN/UBER application or simply ask the staff at hotel reception for a taxi. Getting a taxi from a rank can be significantly more expensive.

Public transportation: always punch your ticket on public transport in cities (make sure you have a ticket before boarding). Fares aren’t high, but fines are, and inspectors are merciless. Drivers on municipal buses and trams usually do not sell tickets, but there are plenty of machines and kiosks that do.


Don’t leave your shopping until the last minute. Many shops close at Saturday lunchtime and don’t open again until Monday morning. However, big shopping malls remain open during the whole weekend.

Smoking and drinking

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol in public places. Smoking is prohibited in restaurants, bus stops and shopping malls and can result in a significant fine.

Public holidays

There are many public holidays during the year, some are related to religion and some are related to significant events. During your stay there will be no public holiday.


Religion in Slovakia is represented by Catholic Church (62%), Protestantism (8.9%), Slovak Greek Catholic Church (3.8%), Orthodox Church (0.9%), Jehova’s Witnesses (0.3%), other religions (0.5%), Atheist and non-religious (13.4%).

Congress hall facilities in X-BIONIC® HOTEL, Šamorín

There are 12 congress and conference rooms available for your meeting. They are fully equipped with the latest technology and meet the highest demands on functionality and flexibility.

  • 12 conference rooms and halls
  • The largest hall with a capacity of 600 seats
  • Total capacity of 1850 seats
  • Meeting rooms for smaller groups
  • Accommodation for more than 1000 guests
  • High variability and flexibility
  • Latest technical equipment
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